Cleaning Products

sponge bucket
Marquis Building Maintenance & Supplies Ltd. provides a wide range of residential and commercial cleaning solution products for your convenience. We offer:
•Waxes – Self-Polishing & Buffable
•All Purpose Detergent – Light & Heavy Duty
•Stripper – Ammoniated & Non-Ammoniated
•Dust Mop Treatment
•Dishwashing Detergent – Liquid & Powder
•Floor Sealer – Tile, Concrete, Hardwood
•Metal Polish
•Glass Cleaner
•Rug Shampoo
•Spot Remover
•Liquid Bleach
•Furniture Polish
•Grease Stripper
•Drain Opener
•Bowl Cleaner

Steel Wool – All Grades

Sweeping Compounds
•Oil Base
•Wax Base
•Urinal – 3 oz
•Blocks – 16 oz
•Deodorant Spray
•Liquid Deodorant Concentrates
•Disinfectant Cleaner – Pine

Oil Absorbent

Scouring Powder

•Antiseptic – Pink Lotion
•Bar Soap
•Laundry Soap

•Rock Salt
•Ice Melters – Flakes & Pellets